Hallmark Dream Book 2017


I don’t hide my addiction to Hallmark or keepsake ornaments! For those that don’t obsess over Christmas most of the year, Hallmark will have Dream Books available next month! Hallmark usually has an in-store event of some kind to kick it off. We wake up early, drive to the store, complete our wish list, and submit it the first day. We then wait until July when our first batch of ornaments arrive! I literally count down the days…that’s how much I enjoy it. Not only is it a tradition in our family, but it’s something fun to look forward to week after week. For me, it’s just like the anticipation of Christmas morning.

Lucky for me, I’ve already seen the 2017 Dream Book. Some of our favorite series include: Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, Grinch, Peanuts, and Lionel trains. Ryan had actually started collecting these way before we got married. I was already obsessed with Hallmark when we met, so it quickly turned into a whole thing. We even have a tote of random keepsake ornaments in addition to the ones that have an actual themed tree. They’ve literally got an ornament for everybody!

So now that the book is coming out, I’ll start mentally prepping for the holidays. I know, it’s only April. I like to start early with the planning of trees, deciding what décor/ornaments I need to make and purchasing of gifts. From May onward, I’ll have milestones that I’ll look forward to thanks to Hallmark. Whether it’s wrapping paper or a holiday open house, you know it will be on my calendar!


Some of the ornaments we purchased are below. Like I mentioned above, there are several series we collect without fail. The rest really depends on what we like.

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